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Just like you, the State of North Carolina has to balance its income and expenses. The Governor and the General Assembly work together to create a budget, and they adjust that budget as needs and priorities change and income fluctuates.

The State gets money from many sources, including taxes (on income, sales and use, motor fuels, cigarettes, etc.), fees (like hunting/fishing licenses, or tuition at a community college, or fines for breaking a law), and grants and assistance from the Federal Government (to support schools, highway building, Medicaid and other programs).

The State also spends money on many projects and services, like public schools, community colleges, and universities, building and maintaining roads and bridges, inspecting elevators, providing health care and shelter for people in need, protecting the environment, and making sure our communities are safe. Much of this spending is in the form of contracts, grants, and other types of assistance, like loans or direct payments for goods and services.

NC OpenBook is designed to show you where the money goes. To learn more about NC OpenBook, visit the About page.